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Working papers of 2009

  • 2009-21 :: The importance of consecutive spells of poverty: a longitudinal poverty index
    by Daria Mendola & Annalisa Busetta & Anna Maria Milito & 2009-07

    Traditional measures of poverty persistence, such as 'poverty rate' (i.e., the number of years spent in poverty upon the total number of observations) or the 'persistent-risk-of-poverty rate', do not devote enough attention to the sequence of poverty spells. In particular, they are insufficient in underlining the different effects associated with occasional single spells of poverty and the consecu...
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  • 2009-20 :: Gender Discrimination and Self-Employment Dynamics in Europe
    by Donald R. Williams & 2009-12

    This paper examines the effect that gender-based earnings discrimination has on self-employment dynamics among females, with a focus on four countries in Western Europe. Using data from the European Community Household Panel in the 1999-2001 time period, we test the hypothesis that the probability of moving into self-employment is positively related to prior earnings discrimination, as measured b...
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  • 2009-19 :: A European Union Approach to Material Deprivation using EU-SILC and Eurobarometer data
    by Anne-Catherine Guio & Alessio Fusco & Eric Marlier & 2009-12

    The paper discusses methodological issues raised by the construction of indicators on material deprivation, which is defined here as an enforced lack of a combination of items depicting some aspects of living conditions related to housing conditions, possession of durables and capacity to afford basic requirements. More specifically, its focus is on the selection of items, their dimensional struct...
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  • 2009-18 :: Happiness, Deprivation and the Alter Ego
    by Paolo Verme & 2009-12

    The paper focuses on satisfaction with income and proposes a utility model built on two value systems, the `Ego' system - described as one own income assessment relatively to one own past and future income - and the `Alter' system - described as one own income assessment relatively to a reference group. We show how the union of these two value systems and the use of relative deprivation measures c...
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  • 2009-17 :: State Dependence in Labour Force Participation of Married Women in Japan
    by Kazuaki Okamura & Nizamul Islam & 2009-11

    This paper investigates state dependence in labour participation by married women in Japan. We statistically investigate whether ’true’ state dependence, in which preferences, abilities, or constraints on future decisions are altered by experiencing certain events, exists in the choice between regular and non-regular work (part-time, contract, or other non-regular work). The empirical results ...
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  • 2009-16 :: Cross-validating administrative and survey datasets through microsimulation and the assessment of a tax reform in Luxembourg
    by Philippe Liégeois & Frédéric Berger & Nizamul Islam & Raymond Wagener & 2009-11

    Using EUROMOD, we cross-validate two types of micro-data presently available in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, administrative data on one hand and survey data on the other hand. While administrative data, extracted from the recently implemented Social Security Data Warehouse, contain information of the whole population of Luxembourg (449,000 observations) in 2003, survey data, extracted from the L...
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  • 2009-15 :: A sensitivity analysis of poverty definitions
    by Nicholas Tibor Longford & Catia Nicodemo & 2009-11

    We conduct a sensitivity analysis of several estimators related to household income, to explore how some details of the definitions of the variables concerned influence the values of the common estimates, such as the mean, median and (poverty) rates. The purpose of this study is to highlight that some of the operational definitions entail an element of arbitrariness which leaves an undesirable st...
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  • 2009-14 :: Individual-Level Determinants of Religious Practice and Belief in Catholic Europe
    by Brian Conway & 2009-10

    This paper examines individual-level determinants of religious belief and practice through a comparative study of Catholics in Belgium, Ireland and Slovenia. Drawing on the World Values Survey, three interrelated questions are examined: (1) to what extent do Belgian Catholics differ from the Irish and Slovenian Catholics? (2) to what extent is this pattern the same across different social categori...
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  • 2009-13 :: Distributional change, reference groups and the measurement of relative deprivation
    by Jacques Silber & Paolo Verme & 2009-10

    This paper attempts to explicitly integrate the idea of reference group when measuring relative deprivation. It assumes that in assessing her situation in society an individual compares herself with individuals whose environment can be considered as being similar to hers. By environment we mean the set of people with a similar set of observable characteristics such as human capital, household attr...
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  • 2009-12 :: The effects of childbirth on women’s activity change and occupational mobility in Europe: Evidence from the European Community Household Panel.
    by Yekaterina Chzhen & 2009-10

    This paper uses comparable longitudinal data from the European Community Household Panel from 1994 to 2001 to examine the effects of recent childbirth on the relative risks of switching to part-time, inactivity or unemployment for full-time women, as well as the effect of switching from full-time time to part-time work on the risk of occupational downgrading, in 13 European countries. Once impor...
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  • 2009-11 :: Intergenerational Transmission of Inflation Aversion: Theory and Evidence
    by Etienne Farvaque & Alexander Mihailov & 2009-09

    This paper studies the transmission of preferences in an overlapping-generations model with heterogeneous mature agents characterized by different degrees of inflation aversion. We show how the dynamics of a society's degree of inflation aversion and the implied degree of central bank independence depend on the direction and speed of changes in the structure of the population's preferences, themse...
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  • 2009-10 :: Caught in the Trap? The Disincentive Effect of Social Assistance.
    by Olivier Bargain & Karina Doorley & 2009-08

    While financial incentives usually have a significant effect on the labor supply of married women and single mothers, the evidence about the participation elasticity of childless singles, and single males especially, is more scant. This is, however, important in countries like France and Germany, where single individuals constitute the core of social assistance recipients. As yet, there is no conc...
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  • 2009-09 :: External Return to Education in Europe
    by Pawel Strawinski & 2009-08

    This paper provides an international comparison of external rates of return to education. As is pointed out in the literature social return rate exceeds the pure technical rate of return by a considerable margin. However, measuring social return is delicate due to methodological and data problems. The exploited approach is based on a comparative advantage theory. It allows us to control for potent...
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  • 2009-08 :: Generalized measures of wage differentials
    by Philippe Van Kerm & 2009-08

    This paper considers new 'distributionally sensitive' summary measures of wage differentials, not solely determined by "the average wage of the average person" but by differences across complete wage distributions. Considerations of risk or inequality aversion in the assessment of wage differentials are explicitly included, transplanting expected utility concepts familiar to income distribution an...
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  • 2009-07 :: Determinants of Labor Market Outcomes of Disabled Men Before and After the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
    by Chung Choe & 2009-07

    The study compares the labor market experience of men with disabilities before and after the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The handful of studies that have focused on the wage impact of disabilities have either not fully incorporated the probability of employment into the analysis or have not correctly decomposed the wage differences in light of selectivity corrections. After estimating...
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  • 2009-06 :: Internal Migration of Blacks in South Africa: Self-selection and Brain Drain
    by Chung Choe & E. LaBrent Chrite & 2009-07

    Migrations historically have led to fears of “brain drain” from the sending regions because many studies show that the more highly skilled and motivated people are more likely to migrate. South Africa provides a natural testing ground for the study of brain drains because the Apartheid system, which ended in the early 1990s, had long constrained the locational choices of black migrants of all skil...
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  • 2009-05 :: Item response theory and the measurement of deprivation: Evidence from PSELL-3
    by Monica Raileanu Szeles & Alessio Fusco & 2009-05

    Item Response Theory (IRT) has recently been proposed as a framework to measure deprivation. It allows deriving a latent measure of deprivation from a set of dichotomous observed items of deprivation and analyzing determinants of deprivation. We investigate further the use of IRT models in the field of deprivation measurement. Firstly, the paper emphasizes the importance of item selection and the ...
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  • 2009-04 :: Factors influencing tenure choice in European countries
    by Monika Bazyl & 2009-04

    Homeownership rates are very different across European countries. They range from below 50% in Germany to over 80% in Greece, Spain or Ireland. However the differences lie not only in the overall homeownership rates but also in its structure, and this is the focus of this paper. Its aim is to study the impact of microeconomic factors on household’s tenure choice, using a cross-country comparat...
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  • 2009-03 :: Employment breaks due to childcare in the Czech Republic. Before and after 1989.
    by Marie Valentova & 2009-03

    The main aim of this paper is to analyze how Czech mothers perceive the consequences for their careers of interruptions in their participation in the labour market due to childcare. In particular, these women's perceptions of the impact of breaks in employment on their further career are examined in light of whether they had their children prior to or after the fall of the socialist regime The an...
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  • 2009-02 :: Cross-border metropolitan integration in Europe (Luxembourg, Basel and Geneva)
    by Christophe Sohn & Bernard Reitel & Olivier Walther & 2009-02

    This article questions the integration processes in three small cross-border metropolitan areas: Luxembourg, Basel and Geneva. By referring to an original analysis framework, it evaluates the nature and intensity of the functional and institutional integration and highlights the elements that structure the cooperation between the actors. The analysis shows that there is not necessarily a reciproca...
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  • 2009-01 :: Women’s Perceptions of Consequences of Career Interruption due to Childcare in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Nevena Zhelyazkova & Marie Valentova & 2009-01

    The paper aims to examine the effect of the transition from a socialist regime to democracy and liberal economy on women’s perceptions of the consequences of breaks in labour market participation due to childcare on their further careers in seven post-socialist countries. More precisely, it investigates whether women in Central and Eastern Europe who gave birth to at least one child after 1987 wer...
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