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Working papers of 2008

  • 2008-14 :: A comparison of multidimensional deprivation characteristics between natives and immigrants in Luxembourg
    by Maria Noel Pi Alperin & 2008-12

    This paper applies a multidimensional approach to poverty measurement based on fuzzy set theory, and its decomposition properties, in order to measure the deprivation level in Luxembourg and to identify the different characteristics of poverty between natives and immigrants (knowing that almost 40% of the population in Luxembourg are immigrants). The database used in this study is the 2006 wave of...
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  • 2008-13 :: Process of transition from school-to-work: generator for the initial stage of path dependence in career development
    by Cristina dr.Lincaru & Gabriela dr.Predosanu & Raluca-Catrinel ms.Brinza & 2008-12

    Main achievements: The major objective of the project was accomplished through building life-table of survival analysis (event history analysis or duration analysis or transition analysis) for describing transitions from school-to-work using longitudinal micro-data. It is important to mention that we built a longitudinal data base, using the ECHP data base for all the 8 waves, with the SPSS ...
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  • 2008-12 :: Escaping low pay: do male labour market entrants stand a chance?
    by Dimitris Pavlopoulos & Didier Fouarge & 2008-12

    Purpose { This paper investigates the extent and the human-capital de- terminants of low-wage mobility for labour market entrants, in the UK and Germany. Design/methodology/approach { Using panel data for the UK (BHPS) and Germany (GSOEP), we apply a competing-risks duration model that al- lows us to study transitions from low pay to competing destination states: higher pay, self-employment,...
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  • 2008-11 :: Measuring Inequality of Opportunity through Between-Group Inequality Components
    by Antonio Abatemarco & 2008-11

    Opportunity egalitarians support rich-to-poor redistribution whenever this allows for the compensation of income disparities due to non-responsible choices (circum- stances). In this paper we investigate the measurement of opportunity inequality within Roemer's (1993) pragmatic theory where equally subgroup ranked individuals are assumed to be equally responsible. Given entropy-based, deprivat...
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  • 2008-10 :: Trends in Income Inequality, Volatility, and Mobility Risk
    by Austin Nichols & 2008-11

    There has been a renewed interest in recent years in income inequality, economic mobility, and income volatility. I define an aggregate measure of income risk as half the squared coefficient of variation of incomes measured over both people and time, which can be decomposed into an inequality component measuring dispersion in mean incomes, a volatility component measuring the average dispersion o...
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  • 2008-09 :: IRISS-C/I 10th Anniversary Conference on ``The measurement of discrimination, inequality and deprivation: Recent developments and applications': Book of abstracts
    by [no author] & 2008-11

    This document collates abstracts of papers presented at the conference on ``The measurement of discrimination, inequality and deprivation: Recent developments and applications' organized by CEPS/INSTEAD in Differdange, October 24-25 2008 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the IRISS-C/I programme....
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  • 2008-08 :: Modelling poverty transitions in Spain: Do attrition and initial conditions really matter?
    by Sara Ayllón & 2008-10

    The availability of panel data has allowed a comprehensive description of poverty exits and entries in Spain. However, most of the literature, so far, has ignored or not explicitly modelled the process of sample attrition and/or the initial conditions problem we face when studying poverty dynamics with survey data. The main objective of this work is to assess whether attrition and poverty status i...
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  • 2008-07 :: A Partially Linear Censored Quantile Regression Model for Unemployment Duration
    by Tereza Neocleous & Stephen Portnoy & 2008-09

    Censored Regression Quantile (CRQ) methods provide a powerful and flexible approach for the analysis of censored survival data when standard linear models are felt to be appropriate. In many cases however, greater flexibility is desired to go beyond the usual multiple regression paradigm. One area of common interest is that of partially linear models, where one (or more) of the explanatory variabl...
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  • 2008-06 :: Measurement Equivalence and Extreme Response Bias in the Comparison of Attitudes across Europe
    by Miloš Kankaraš & Guy Moors & 2008-05

    It is generally accepted that both measurement inequivalence and extreme response bias can seriously distort measurement of attitudes and subsequent causal models. However, these two issues have rarely been investigated together. In this article we demonstrate the flexibility of a multigroup latent class factor approach in both analysing measurement equivalence and detecting extreme response bias....
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  • 2008-05 :: What's a university worth? Changes in the lifestyle and status of post-2000 European Graduates.
    by Mihaela Cornelia Prejmerean & Simona Vasilache & 2008-02

    The paper is structured in two main chapters, the first presenting a literature review on lifestyle, underlining the main themes approached in recent scientific papers, and conducting factorial analysis as to discriminate the most relevant research directions, and the second dedicated to studying, on the data provided by the European Social Survey, the lifestyle patterns of post-2000 European grad...
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  • 2008-04 :: Gender differences in the effect of monetary policy on employment: The case of nine OECD countries.
    by Yelena Takhtamanova & Eva Sierminska & 2008-02

    In many countries, the focus of monetary policy is increasingly shifting to low and stable inflation as it provides many benefits to the economy. However, there is evidence that costs of inflation reduction are inequitably distributed by gender in developing countries. This paper addresses employment costs of inflation reduction in developed countries. Using quarterly data for 1980-2006, we exa...
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  • 2008-03 :: The analysis of welfare state effects on social trust in a multidimensional approach
    by Larysa Tamilina & 2008-02

    Crowding-out hypothesis asserts that in the presence of developed social obligations, social trust levels tend to be low. Empirical evidence of the crowding-out is however poor while this relationship is mainly studied under narrow assumption about unidimensionality of welfare state development operationalized through social spending as a percentage of GDP. The main objective of this study is to s...
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  • 2008-02 :: Institutions, Technological Change and the Wage Differentials Between Skilled and Unskilled Workers: Theory and Evidence from Europe
    by Lorenzo Corsini & 2008-01

    We study the evolution of the wage differentials between graduate (skilled) and non graduate (unskilled) workers in several european countries in the period that range from the beginning of the nineties to the beginning of this century. The starting point is that all european countries show an increasing relative supply of skilled workers but different behaviours of the wage differentials. The sta...
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  • 2008-01 :: Cartographier une enquête à l'échelle intra-urbaine: bien-être et personnes âgées de la ville de Luxembourg
    by Philippe Gerber & Sebastien Fleuret & 2008-01

    Cet article a pour objectif d’exposer une démarche méthodologique originale. Elle vise, à partir d’un échantillon stratifié spatialement d’une population enquêtée, à reconstituer la population totale et de la projeter dans l’espace urbain de la ville à une échelle plus petite. Cela permet de donner une dimension géographique intra-urbaine aux informations contenues dans les résultats d’enquête. Po...
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