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Working papers of 2004

  • 2004-10 :: Bayesian quantile regression: An application to the wage distribution in 1990s Britain
    by Keming Yu & Philippe Van Kerm & Jin Zhang & 2004-08

    This paper illustrates application of Bayesian inference to quantile regression. Bayesian inference regards unknown parameters as random variables, and we describe an MCMC algorithm to estimate the posterior densities of quantile regression parameters. Parameter uncertainty is taken into account without relying on asymptotic approximations. Bayesian inference revealed effective in our application ...
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  • 2004-09 :: Consistent poverty dynamics in Spain
    by Jesús Pérez-Mayo & 2004-05

    This paper aims to analyse the evolution of consistent poverty, defined as the combination of income and living conditions to identify deprived people. The conclusions of other papers that show a high amount of poverty exits depending on temporary shocks of income are tested. In this paper we find a high degree of immobility in the extreme situations since the improvement of living standards of d...
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  • 2004-08 :: Operationalising 'breadwinning' work: gender and work in 21st century Europe
    by Tracey Warren & 2004-05

    The past decade has witnessed the proliferation of a range of societal typologies which have been constructed to signify differences and similarities in the ways that breadwinner work is organised by gender across countries. At the core of these typologies lies the familiar proposition that the traditional male breadwinner model is in decline and is being replaced by more gender equal arrangements...
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  • 2004-07 :: Accounting for income distribution trends: A density function decomposition approach
    by Stephen P. Jenkins & Philippe Van Kerm & 2004-04

    This paper develops methods for decomposing changes in the income distribution using subgroup decompositions of the income density function. Overall changes are related to changes in subgroup shares and changes in subgroup densities, where the latter are broken down further using elementary transformations of individual incomes. These density decompositions are analogous to the widely-used decompo...
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  • 2004-06 :: Social and economic circumstances of sex differentials in poor health of elderly population
    by Hristo Maleshkov & 2004-04

    The goal of this paper is to improve our knowledge about the changes that occur in the health of people near pension age and above in the countries of the European Union. We focus on the gender differentials in the poor health transitions of the elderly population and especially the impact of the social and economic circumstances. We examine whether or not the pattern of transition to bad health ...
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  • 2004-05 :: Multidimensional Poverty Comparisons within Europe. Evidence from the European Community Household Panel
    by Monica Szeles & 2004-02

    This paper is a cross-sectional study on multidimensional poverty comparisons among the European Union countries, based on data provided by the European Community Household Panel (ECHP). In addition to the empirical results and the methodological problems, the study underlines the opportunities and the difficulties met while using the ECHP. The extended concept of poverty is relative and multidime...
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  • 2004-04 :: Une évaluation économétrique des flux vers et hors de la pauvreté en Belgique
    by Philippe Van Kerm & 2004-03

    Cette étude présente une évaluation des flux d’entrée et de sortie de la pauvreté basée sur l’estimation d’un modèle économétrique de transition appliqué aux vagues 3 à 10 du Panel Study on Belgian Households (PSBH). La spécification du modèle prend en compte l’endogénéité potentielle du statut initial. Les estimations révèlent que cette sophistication est nécessaire car un effet de sélection endo...
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  • 2004-03 :: A new approach for analysing income convergence across countries
    by Donal O'Neill & Philippe Van Kerm & 2004-02

    In this paper we develop a coherent framework that integrates both traditional measures of b-convergence and s-convergence within a study of cross-country income dynamics. To do this we exploit the close links that exist between studies of income convergence and studies analysing the progressivity of the tax system. Our framework offers a simple algebraic decomposition of s-convergence as the comb...
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  • 2004-02 :: Differentiations in structures of employees' resources: a comparison of eight European countries
    by Nathalie Moncel & 2004-01

    Using data from the European Community Household Panel (ECHP), the research presented in this paper analyses structures of employees’ incomes, how they differ across countries, how they are related to socio-economics characteristics of employees, and how they have evolved over the last decade. Section 1 reviews the main recent research in different disciplines related to the study of the linkages...
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  • 2004-01 :: The transition out of education and the initial steps into the labour market in the European Union
    by María A. Davia & 2004-01

    The general aim of this research is the study of transitions from education and into the labour market among youths under a simultaneous framework in order to control for the interdependency of such relevant events. An extended version of the human capital model has been applied using the European Community Household Panel. The empirical strategy has aimed at reflecting the independent and simulta...
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