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Online application form

Submission of your application proceeds in 3 steps for a single-participant project, or 4 steps for a multi-participants project.

Before submitting your application, please read the application guidelines.

Step 1

In short, you first register information about your project: project title and description (uploading a PDF or DOC file with a 2-3 pages project description), data and software requirements. You also need to mention an -emergency- email address to contact you in case something goes wrong before you terminate the submission process.

Step 2

In the second step, you register information about the first participant (identified as group leader/contact person in a joint project). This includes information about name, affiliation, address, CV (PDF/DOC file) and approximate timing of visit... PhD students also need to mention the name of a supervisor willing to write a letter of support.

Step 3

In the third step, only for multi-participants projects, information about all the other participant(s) is registered (including a CV of all participants).

Step 4

The final step is required to finalise the application process.

Information submitted through this form will be processed in confidence and will be used only in the context of the IRISS-C/I visiting researchers programme. But note that information submitted on this application form can be communicated to members of our selection committee and to European Commission officials in charge of supervising this project. Information about applications will also be shared with representatives of two other research infrastructures in the social sciences running EU-funded visiting researchers programmes (ECASS, University of Essex and ZA Eurolab, University of Cologne) in order to improve coordination of our activities.